Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the billing policy of the practice?

    Dr Payne does not have an arrangement with medical schemes. The rates billed in the practice use the NHRPL (as used by medical schemes) as a guideline. The rates billed are: 100% NHRPL for special investigations; 150% NHRPL for consultations, 217% NHRPL for surgery and procedures. When an account or portion thereof is submitted to a medical scheme directly, any non-payment remains the patients responsibility.

  • What is the cost of a first consultation?

    The first consultation cost is R 1 000.00. This is payable by cash or credit card on the day of consultation (VISA, Master, Diners). If there are additional fees these will be submitted to your medical aid directly, or if there is no medical cover then you will be advised prior to the test/procedure of any additional cash costs.
  • What is the cost of follow-up consultations?

    The cost of follow-up consultations varies between R 500.00 and R 1 000.00. As for initial consultations, if there are further investigations then these will be submitted to your medical scheme or you will be advised in advance of any cash amounts payable.
    For certain conditions follow-up examinations are submitted directly to your medical scheme (please enquire if this is applicable to you).
    Follow up after surgery or after a procedure is not billed for a period of one month after the procedure, for consultations directly related to the procedure.

  • What do I need for a first consultation?

    We require your ID details and your medical aid details. This includes your medical aid name, the applicable plan, and the dependent number.

  • Will the practice obtain authorization?

    In general you will receive a detailed quotation with all the required codes and you will need to contact your medical scheme and get an authorization number.
    If you require our assistance with obtaining authorization or if your medical aid requests further motivation prior to authorization, then we will gladly assist. (Please note that you will be billed as per your medical scheme for this process and or motivation letters).
    In the case of an emergency procedure we will assist with authorization. Please contact us if you require any assistance with this process.

  • What happens if authorization is declined or if the medical scheme gives authorization but does not settle the account in full?

    We will assist wherever we can, however the responsibility is yours to ensure that the cover is complete and that you need to cover any non-payments from your medical scheme within 30 days. (This is frequently an administrative problem and do please contact us for assistance if this does occur).

  • Where does the surgery take place?

    Dr Payne operates at Sandhurst Eye Centre. You will receive a map with your pre-operative documents. Please see the file attached to this website.

  • Important Information for before and after the surgery?

    • Please read and sign the consent form with regards to the surgery. If there are any questions, then please e-mail Dr Payne in advance.
    • Confirm your medical aid authorisation number with Dr Payne‚Äôs rooms before the day of the surgery
    • Please bring admission documents, surgery consent forms, anaesthetic consent forms
    • Please bring your completed and signed surgical consent and hospital forms with on the day of your procedure
    • Please bring your medical aid card/details and proof of identity with.
    • You will need to arrange transport to and from the hospital you will not be allowed to drive yourself home.
    • You need to wear clean and comfortable clothing
    • Do not wear eye make up on the day of the surgery
    • Remove nail polish before the surgery
    • Do not wear contact lenses on the day of the surgery
    • Continue with all your medication as normal, unless specifically advised not to
    • Confirm any allergies on admission
    • Advise staff if you use of the following medications (or equivalent): Warfarin, Aspirin, Flomax
    • Continue with any eye drops prior to the surgery
    • Do not eat for a minimum of 6 hours prior to the procedure, you may drink a small amount of clear fluid (150mls) during the 6 hours before the surgery, but not in the final 2 hours
    • Avoid caffeine and alcohol for 24 hours before the surgery
    • Avoid smoking before and after the surgery
  • After the Operation/Procedure

    • You will be given a light snack and tea/coffee in the recovery ward
    • You will be able to leave approximately one hour after the procedure (at the discretion of the medical staff)
    • Before you leave ensure you have received the required eye drops and any other medication
    • Do not start the eye drops until after you have been reviewed the following morning
    • You will require transport as you will not be able to drive
    • You will have a clear eye shield over the eye, this should not be removed until the following morning at which time the eye will be reviewed
    • You should rest with your eyes closed for approximately 2 hours when you get home
    • Do not rub the eye
    • A foreign body sensation and blurring is usually normal
    • Pain/nausea/vomiting are not common, call Dr Payne should this occur
    • Avoid coughing and strenuous activity until reviewed post procedure
    • Do not exercise until advised that it is safe
    • Do not drive until you are advised that it is safe (this will be assessed at the first consultation)

  • Do I need to be referred for a first consultation?

    No you do not need to be referred for consultations. For urgent conditions preference will be given to those referred from their doctors or optometrists. For emergencies we will always try to assist wherever possible. The practice does not see walk in patients, and regardless of whether you are referred it is advisable to phone for an appointment.